Mag 5 Residences

Strategically located in the Marina Square on Al Reem Island, the MAG 5 Residence is a symbol of a prestigious lifestyle in this prime location. The tower rises magnificently within a secured environment and beautifully landscaped gardens. It has 42 floors divided into 202 spacious apartments of 6 different types. MAG 5 Residences is a vision of pioneering architecture. Wrapped within the most sophisticated design, the tower surrounds itself with a medley of glass and steel lines that highlight and accentuate the tranquility of both sea and sky around it. Mag 5 Residences is the place where you can start a new dream. The scenery within the greenest place in Abu Dhabi, the quality of life at the waterfront and the evening sight over the city can make anyone feel at home. Intelligently designed living spaces offering breath-taking views make each apartment unique. MAG 5 Residences is a fine example of the saying that ‘elegance is when the inside is as beautiful as the outside.’ The finishes are the epitome of finesse, from the design of the floors to the fixtures in the kitchens and bathrooms. All materials are selected from the finest suppliers to ensure the quality of your living experience is unrivalled elsewhere.Mag 5 Residences’ uniqueness is the ideal living space from a selection of expansive homes. From 1- to 4-bedroom apartments, every residence in the building is a testament to the true meaning of space. MAG 5 Residences’ perfect combination of design and location means that each living room provides the unique luxury of panoramic views enriched with a large amount of light from its floor-to-ceiling windows, making for picturesque settings both inside and out. Using smart technologies for controlling the temperature, lighting, security measures, leisure features or advanced Wi-Max internet connection, Mag 5 Residences has the latest technology to compliment the luxurious tower. This combination of lush layout and smart features will ensure the greatest living experience. If you know good living, you’ll know that the secret is to make sure there’s enough time to pamper yourself. At MAG 5 Residences, the recreational experience would rival the most exotic resorts.
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